Supporting McLean Today and Tomorrow: One Donor’s View

May 1, 2015

Betsy Wilgis is clear about why she has donated to McLean every year since 1999 and written a bequest to the hospital into her will. “They saved my life.”

Mrs. Wilgis, a personal finance and health care manager from Baltimore, had been struggling with treatment-resistant depression when her medical team in Baltimore felt that hospitalization was called for. A relative of her husband’s—a McLean psychiatrist—suggested that a visit to McLean’s Pavilion might help get to the root of her illness. Her month-long stay included a thorough psychological and medical workup, talk therapy, medication management, electroconvulsive therapy, and long walks on the McLean campus that she grew to treasure.

Betsy and Edward Shaw Wilgis
Betsy and Edward Shaw Wilgis

“My stay at McLean changed the course of everything,” says Mrs. Wilgis, who still needs to keep on top of her depression, but generally feels well. “I had a terrific team and everyone was so understanding and compassionate. My stay was very hard on my family, but my social worker called my husband every single day, and he appreciated the communication a great deal. The doctors at McLean also spoke with my doctors in Baltimore to come up with a good workable plan for my return home.”

Mrs. Wilgis says that it feels so good to support the hospital that gave her back her life. “McLean was there when I was in trouble, and I want to do what I am able to make sure its programs are available for others who need help. I have made provisions in my will for McLean. Just because I am no longer here, mental illness, unfortunately, will still be in great evidence.”

“Mrs. Wilgis’s annual gifts provide flexible resources that we can put to work right away toward our highest priorities,” says President and Psychiatrist in Chief Scott L. Rauch, MD. “Her planned gift is important in a different way. Bequests help institutions like ours ensure the vitality of our work for years to come. Both are wonderful ways to recognize McLean and create a lasting and meaningful impact.”

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