GE Foundation’s David Barash Discusses De-Risking Digital Development (TIPS 2018)

David Barash, MD, is the chief medical officer for the GE Foundation and executive director of its Global Health Portfolio. The foundation’s Developing Health initiatives are approached with the belief that simple interventions, along with strong partnerships and leaders, are often the answer to some of healthcare’s most complex problems. Dr. Barash is also a practicing emergency medicine physician with more than 30 years’ experience, and has focused a great deal on understanding how new technologies can be commercialized and delivered to effectively close the gap between brainstorm and bedside.

These remarks were part of the 2018 Technology in Psychiatry Summit, an event sponsored by the McLean Institute for Technology in Psychiatry, which occurred November 1-2, 2018 at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. Part of panel on De-Risking Digital Development: Unpacking the Innovation Pipeline in Substance Use Disorder Treatment.

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