Year in Review 2014: Compassionate Care Through Innovation

April 30, 2015

In our quest for ever-better care, we recognize the importance of innovation and the opportunities that are brought by discovery and emerging technologies. In this regard, the McLean team is dedicated to developing new methods of treatment through research while educating tomorrow’s health care leaders.

As you will read in the Year in Review, whether talking about our clinical programs, research laboratories, lecture halls, or administrative offices, the people who constitute the McLean community are striving to deliver advances in psychiatry, medicine, and neuroscience to those whom we serve.

In the pages of this magazine, aptly titled Compassionate Care Through Innovation, you will meet just a few members of the McLean team who, through their drive and vision, are working to transform the field—at McLean and around the globe. Among the people you will meet on the following pages are:

Year in Review 2014 Cover

Website Launch: McLean’s Mission Shines in its User-Friendly New Website
Nancy L. Hoines, MPH, who guided the redesign of McLean’s website to focus on the needs of patients, families, and clinicians.

Imaging Innovations: Two Groundbreaking Techniques Offer the Possibility of Direct Relief
Edward G. Meloni, PhD, Marc J. Kaufman, PhD, and Michael Rohan, PhD, who are conducting groundbreaking research on novel treatments for PTSD and depression.

Room with a View: Powerful Microscopes Help Determine Targets for Therapeutics
Jason J. Han, PhD, who operates McLean’s Microscopy Core Facility—home to some of the most sophisticated magnifying instruments available.

Web-Based Analysis: eBASIS
​Thomas Idiculla, PhD, who, via new analytical tools, spends his days evaluating ways to measure and improve the quality of patient care.

Continuing Education: Continuing Ed Grows Exponentially, Breaking New Ground
Christopher M. Palmer, MD, who has grown the hospital’s Continuing Education Department fivefold through a pioneering multidisciplinary curriculum.

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