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Video: Lecture – Love and Isolation During the Time of COVID

Presented by Jacqueline Olds, MD, and Richard S. Schwartz, MD, McLean Hospital – McLean Forum lecture The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased loneliness in this country while simultaneously creating difficulties in couples’ relationships from too much closeness. We are already seeing the...

Cooped-Up Couples: Navigating Newfound Togetherness During COVID-19

Of the many ways the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives, one of the most impactful might be the way it has changed relationships. Around the world, millions of couples who have led largely separate lives during the workday suddenly find themselves quarantined at home. They are stuck together...

In the Media: Love and the Brain

“There’s good reason to suspect that romantic love is kept alive by something basic to our biological nature.” – Dr. Richard Schwartz.

In the Media: Shelter for the Psyche

McLean psychiatrist Jacqueline Olds, an expert on seasonal affective disorder (SAD), reminds those struggling with the winter blues that spring is almost here.

Jacqueline Olds, MD

Jacqueline Olds, MD, has worked at McLean actively since 1974 when she started her child psychiatry fellowship. She had a full time job in child psychiatry until 1980, and then became a part-time teacher in both the adult and child residency programs at McLean/MGH until the present. Dr. Olds also...