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Gunderson Personality Disorders Institute

Providing Clinician Training to Support Patients With BPD

The Gunderson Personality Disorder Institute at McLean Hospital was founded in 2013 to elevate awareness and training for evidence-based treatments for borderline personality disorder (BPD) and accompanying psychiatric conditions.

Led by director Lois W. Choi-Kain, MEd, MD, the Gunderson Institute offers conferences and workshops for clinicians. By providing training to clinicians, the institute aims to increase quality of care and access to treatment for patients with BPD.

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Clinician Training

The Gunderson Institute offers specialty learning opportunities focused on the assessment and treatment of adults and teens with borderline personality disorder.

Course topics include mentalization-based treatment (MBT)—offered in conjunction with the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), general psychiatric management (GPM), and transference-focused psychotherapy (TFP)—offered in conjunction with the TFP-New York.


General Psychiatric Management

General/good psychiatric management (GPM) was developed by John G. Gunderson, MD, as a generalist approach to treating borderline personality disorder (BPD) that could be used widely and implemented by any mental health treatment provider.

GPM is a generalist, evidence-based treatment for adults with BPD, shown to be as effective as dialectical behavior therapy in a large, well-conducted randomized controlled trial (McMain et al., 2009, 2012). It is a manualized but flexible treatment that integrates the essential ingredients of BPD-specific treatments, encouraging a practical approach that can be implemented by any mental health clinician to provide “good enough” care for patients struggling with BPD even in the absence of more resource-intensive, specialized treatments (Gunderson & Links, 2014).

The Gunderson Institute offers advanced training in GPM, including the only available certification to train others in this important treatment method. The official GPM trainers listed below are certified to present and teach GPM.

United States

  • Carl Fleisher, MD – Los Angeles, California
  • Robin Kissell, MD – Los Angeles, California
  • Sara Masland, PhD – Los Angeles, California
  • Teresa Carreno, MD – Miami, Florida
  • Dan Price, MD – Portland, Maine
  • Marina Nikhinson, MD – Baltimore, Maryland
  • Claire Brickell, MD – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Lois W. Choi-Kain, MD, MEd – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Brandon Unruh, MD – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Victor Hong, MD – Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Brian Palmer, MD, MPH – Rochester, Minnesota
  • Richard Hersh, MD – New York, New York
  • Ben McCommon, MD – New York, New York
  • Zeina Saliba, MD – Washington, DC


  • Paul Links, MD, FRCPC – Ontario, Canada
  • Deanna Mercer, MD, FRCPC – Ontario, Canada
  • James Ross, MD, MHPE, FRCPC – Ontario, Canada


  • Maria Elena Ridolfi, MD – Fano, Italy
  • Patrick Charbon, MD – Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Ueli Kramer, PhD – Lausanne, Switzerland

South America

  • Marcelo Brañas, MD – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Marcos Croci, MD – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Eduardo Martinho, MD – Sao Paulo, Brazil

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