McLean’s Shelly Greenfield From Insights to Actions – Strategies for Care Transformation (TIPS 2017)

Digital technologies have the potential to transform mental health care, particularly among groups that have traditionally been hard to reach due to lack of access, education, or resources. In this session, leading experts in technology, policy, and public health discuss how we might take the insights generated from clinical and basic research and translate them to improvements in care and access to care. Discussion focuses on how to address the gap between the availability of mental health services and the pressing need for such services globally.

This panel discussion was part of the 2017 Technology in Psychiatry Summit, sponsored by the McLean Institute for Technology in Psychiatry on November 6-7, 2017, at the JB Martin Conference Center, Harvard Medical School. Part of panel From Insights to Actions: Strategies for Care Transformation.

Shelly F. Greenfield, MD, MPH, is an addiction psychiatrist, clinician, and researcher. She serves as principal and co-investigator on federally funded research focusing on substance use disorders treatment, gender differences, and substance health services. Dr. Greenfield is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and the American Psychiatric Association’s Council on Addiction Psychiatry, and chair of the NIDA Clinical Trial Network’s Gender Special Interest Group. She is editor in chief of the Harvard Review of Psychiatry, a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and is the recipient of numerous awards including McLean’s Jack H. Mendelson Memorial Award for Research and the R. Brinkley Smithers Distinguished Scientist Award from the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

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