Advancing Excellence in Women’s Mental Health

Philanthropy fosters mental well-being of girls and women. Find out how you can help.

Philanthropy is crucial to the success of McLean’s Division of Women’s Mental Health and its mission to create better outcomes for women and girls affected by psychiatric illnesses.

Philanthropic support allows division leadership to advance a broad range of clinical, research, and educational activities aimed at improving the way mental health is understood and treated for women and girls.

A top priority for philanthropic investment is our Women’s Mental Health Psychiatry Fellowship, a 12-month clinical educational experience during which the fellow rotates through the full complement of services for women and girls at McLean and is mentored by seasoned clinicians and researchers in the field of women’s mental health.

Individuals can support the division’s mission through several means.

Give Now

Your gift to McLean can support the Division of Women’s Mental Health and its activities to promote women’s mental health treatment, innovation, and professional training. Donate now to assist the hospital in meeting its most urgent needs.

Help McLean to provide world-class care and support to those who need us most.


Join the Women’s Mental Health Leadership Council

McLean’s Women’s Mental Health Leadership Council is a growing group of influential women with a dedication to improving mental health care for women and girls and a willingness to make women’s mental health a philanthropic priority.

The council’s charge is to learn about, advocate for, and support the ongoing work of McLean’s Division of Women’s Mental Health and the division’s mission to innovate and improve mental health care for all women and girls throughout their life span.

Council members have the opportunity to learn about the unique factors involved in women’s mental health and McLean’s pioneering role in this field through a wide range of activities and initiatives.

Learn more about the council and consider joining today.


Other Ways to Give

Consider a direct contribution, matching gift, bequest, or donation via your donor-advised fund. McLean accepts gifts of appreciated securities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or an IRA qualified charitable distribution (QCD). Please consult your financial advisor to determine if you are eligible to make a QCD.

Contact the McLean Development Office at 617.855.2191 for assistance with these opportunities.

Supporting Women and Girls Throughout the Life Span

The division actively seeks philanthropic investment in capacity-building to help take our work to the next level. Your support can help amplify a range of strategic initiatives aimed at disseminating our expertise on a broader scale and advancing our mission overall.

Please contact Claudia Haydon at 617.855.4587 with questions or to discuss how you can get involved and support McLean’s efforts to improve mental health for women and girls everywhere.