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Saheli Sengupta, PhD

McLean Hospital Title
Harvard Medical School Title
  • Research Fellow in Psychiatry


Saheli Sengupta, PhD, is a basic neuroscientist interested in investigating the basic biology of behaviors, especially aggression, using the fruit fly model of Drosophila melanogaster. During her PhD, Dr. Sengupta researched the genetic basis of development in the fruit fly model. In her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Sengupta used the fly model to study the genetic and neural basis of male aggression.

At McLean Hospital, Dr. Sengupta’s research focus is in two projects: delineating the neural circuit of female aggression, and investigating how sexually dimorphic aggressive behaviors are neurally encoded. Though her primary model is fruit fly, she will be working with mice model to test the conservation of her research findings.


Education & Training

  • 2006 BSc in Microbiology, University of Calcutta, India
  • 2008 MSc in Molecular Biology & Genetics, University of Calcutta, India
  • 2016 PhD in Biochemistry, Iowa State University
  • 2017-2021 Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School
  • 2021-Present Research Fellowship, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Phone: 617.855.2049
Office Address: Belmont campus - Mailman Research Center